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Welcome to our English page. Most of our songs are in German, but we appreciate audiences of any language who catch the vibe!
However, this is not the whole site in English, but just a translation of our bio and a few links. For everything else we recommend using an online translator, or feel free to contact us via e-mail!

Blutpumpe & The Iron Shirt don’t exist anymore!
We can still be contacted via mail or e-mail, see Kontakt. Messages will go to Blutpumpe. CDs and other media can still be bought. More info on our releases see below.

Feel free to visit Blutpumpe’s site at blutpumpe.com.


Blutpumpe loves Reggae. But he doesn’t want to start nesting in this category, so he just does his own thing. He traces the inner blues to change it into something new and positive. Weltschmerz can only be a temporary state!

Blutpumpe & The Iron Shirt carry the good old message of love and respect to the people. They want to inspire, enliven, and awaken. Their music is true — intelligent, strong in feeling, floating, and earthbound.

The Iron Shirt is not simply a backing band. Blutpumpe & The Iron Shirt write their music together, a lot of it comes into being spontaneously, and very often it cannot be said any longer where the first impulse for a song came from.

Lyrically and emotionally the songs range from primal sream to philosophic treatise, and between that a lot of things are happening. Just closely below the surface virtually nothing is definite, and sometimes open contradictions stand side by side.

To live emotions and the moment, discover and create new things on new levels as a group and together with the audience is the great vision of the band.

Vocals, guitar – Blutpumpe – www.blutpumpe.com
Guitar – Paolo Mangino, Max Knoten, Nicolas Sinclair, and others
Bass – Dr. Free, Dominikus Littel, Fey, Dan Yu, Benjamin Schmidt, and others
Drums – Armin Stöckl, Timo Tight, Antonio Fetherson

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Best Of (2018)
Only on Bandcamp

Über Hügel (Gymmick cover, single, 2017)
Only as mp3 and stream on common platforms
Watch on YouTube

Psychedelische Zeit (2017)
Mp3 and stream available on common platforms

Tausend Tropfen Wasser (2014)
Mp3 and stream available on common platforms

The Iron Shirt (2012)
Mp3 and stream available on common platforms

If you want to order an album on CD, simply mail us!


Title image: Blutpumpe & The Iron Shirt at Sofar Sounds in September 2016. Photography: Gerald Prechtl – cerebellum.de